Hair Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction by Mobile Hair Designs

Before and after photo of Amy who wanted her hair dying back to her natural hair colour

This is a hair colour correction that I recently performed on Amy from Warrington.

Mobile Hair Colouring Warrington

One of the most satisfying customer experiences for me is to provide what my client requested.  Some times, this isn’t possible due to personal factors, but following a friendly hair consultation prior to your hair appointment, you will know what to expect.  

I provide numerous mobile hair colouring services from colouring hair to extreme hair colours and if you’re interested in having your hair dyed, get in touch for a friendly chat.

Dyed Hair back to Natural Coloured Hair

In Amy’s case, she wanted her dyed hair to be changed back to her natural hair colour and everyone was pleased with the final result. 

Hair Colouring Products 

For this hair transformation and for best results I used Goldwell Topchic Colours.

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