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Leopard print hair colour for Mandy

Mandy originally from Warrington, has been one of my regular hair clients for years and on this occasion, she wanted EXTREME HAIR as in Mandy’s own words, ‘she loves to shock‘!

Extreme Leopard Print Hair Colour in Warrington

Mandy’s hairstyle is cut so that she can cover up the shaved area in work, but when out of work, she can style her hair to create a more dramatic look.  On this particular occasion, we decided to have some fun by going extreme with the hair colour.  I painted the leopard spots onto the bleached hair and it didn’t take long at all.  The finished look was fantastic!

I absolutely love it and next time I’m going to ask Vicky if she will do a snow leopard design with smaller dots and no orange.  The way my hair is cut is amazing because no one in work knew until I told them and yes, they were shocked hahahaha!

Mobile Hair Colouring Warrington

One of the most satisfying customer experiences for me is to provide what my client requested.  Some times, this isn’t possible due to personal factors, but following a friendly hair consultation prior to your hair appointment, you will know what to expect.  

I provide numerous mobile hair colouring services from colouring hair to extreme hair colours and if you’re interested in having your hair dyed, get in touch for a friendly chat.

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