Pink Leopard Spot Hair in Warrington

I’ve done it again, but this time Amanda wanted funky pink and purple colours for her leopard print hair and we were both made up with the final result.

Pink Leopard Print Hair by Mobile Hair Designs

Funky pink leopard print hair from Mobile Hair Designs in Warrington

Loving this extreme free hand work on Amanda. Great mix of semi-permanent hair colour and permanent hair colour.

Funky Pink Leopard Print Hair in Warrington

As if Amanda’s original leopard print hair wasn’t daring enough, see original post ‘Leopard Print Hair Colour‘, this time she requested the base of her shaved hair to be dyed pink or purple and for the leopard spots to be smaller.  I had free reign over what hair colours to use for the leopard spots and I was very made up with the final result.  Again, Amanda’s hairstyle is designed so that she can cover up the funky pink leopard print hair and no one will notice unless a strong breeze was to reveal a sneaky flash.

Oh my gosh!

Vicky just never disappoints and at first I thought she just might talk me out of having pink hair as I know that hair colour won’t stay in for too long, but she was very excited at the prospect.  We both loved it once finished and today has been my first day back in work and not one person noticed.  The haircut is styled in such a way that it’s so easy to cover over.  I just love it! – Amanda from Warrington

Pink leopard print warrington hairstyle

Showcasing Amanda’s hair cut with the funky pink leopard print hair

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